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HTM METAXDOOR GmbH is an esteemed manufacturer providing entrance and access solutions. We provide functional and stylish entrance and access solutions in complete harmony with architectural designs for various application areas.

Wide range of product groups with different designs and operation principles according to places of use are available at our company. Product development and design department of our company designs and applies special door systems adapted to architectural projects upon request.

Our R&D department, consisting of experts experienced in their own fields, is continuing its operations uninterrupted to provide modern technology at the highest possible quality. We are building safe and comfortable spaces with state-of-the-art technology at automatic door systems which are being used by millions of people every day at business centers, hospitals, airports, shopping malls, etc.

Quality and customer satisfaction are our most important objectives. Regarding this subject, our after-sales service department is providing the best service with years of experience.

METAXDOOR is registered trade mark of our company. Our products attract customers in a wide geography.

Our objective as METAXDOOR is to offer you the highest quality you can have with a wide range of products.

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